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Property management

Nova Stroitelna Idea EOOD offers the following services in the field of property management and maintenance:

  • Management of residential and commercial properties. Representation of the owner and protection of his rights.
  • Management of residential and office buildings, complexes, retail space and centers.
  • Rental. Collection of due rent installments. Rental management.
  • Repairs. Implementation of interior projects. Building maintenance.
  • Management of common areas in residential buildings. Professional house manager.
  • Opening and transferring lots to the operating companies supplying - electricity, water, heating or gas in the property, as well as concluding contracts with companies offering utility services - (Internet, television, security, etc.), tax registration and insurance;
  • Payment and monitoring of the costs due by the owner to the condominium, the obligations to the operating companies and the communal services in the property;
  • Coordination of activities relating to projects for interior reconstruction, interior design or furnishing of the property;
  • Representing the owner of the property before the General Assembly of the condominium.